cheese, say what?

i cannot tell you how many people misspell my married last name (previous to that, it was johnson). i get it.. the ‘s’ and ‘c’ letters get a bit confusing and somehow they move around like musical chairs when people (including myself at first) try to spell it.

don’t get me started on how to pronounce it.. i have heard what sounds like: oaks, ox, o’cheese, cheese, ock, and och to name a few. as i started this family blog site, i’ve had a few people comment that it can be hard to find it if you don’t know how to spell it exactly right and that frankly sounds annoying to me too haha! husband and i were discussing last night that when our little miss starts to say her last name, what do we think it would most sound like? the answer: CHEESE. so why not refer to our blog as “love the cheese” for now? easy to spell, we all love cheese, and it’s not the first time our last name has been referred to this dairy goodness.

sounds easy enough, right? click here to take you to this new magical website name


love, cheese, and fun. xo. haha!